UniFi Camera Systems

Our flexible CCTV solution provides a stable and secure recording system perfect for the home.


Why use a UniFi camera system?



-Intuitive User Interface-

The UniFi camera system allows complete control via the Unifi Protect App.
Scroll through footage and view live feeds from your phone, tablet or computer.

-Local Storage-

Compared to other network camera manufacturers who use cloud based systems:

The UniFi camera system has lots of benefits from having local storage:

  • No internet bandwidth consumption

  • Recordings are stored on the NVR, giving you unlimited access

  • One initial payment- No yearly subscription

  • The footage is stored on a local device

  • Scalable system- Add cameras at any time

  • Uses up internet bandwidth and slows your browsing speed

  • Requires you to access the cloud each time you want to view a recording

  • Requires a yearly subscription

  • No internet connection, no footage!